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  MUSIC NEWS - No Stone Unturned Released! Order now for Christmas $30 (including postage) contact Ros 0412 967 863

Original vinyl recorded at Platinum Studios Melbourne in 1986. Cost for this rare collection is $35 including postage and packaging. Only 100 left. So get in early to secure your collector's LP.

Booklet is a detailed 10-page booklet Souvenir of Reg, including some wonderful photos from his early days through to the unveiling of Reg Lindsay "Standing Tall" bronze statue at East Cessnock Bowling Club March 8th 2015. Items also featured are Indisputable Facts About Our Australian Superstar.
Cost for this booklet is $6 including postage.

Button/badge of Reg Lindsay.
The cost for this is $3 including postage.


"Armstrong" was Lindsay's tribute to the American astronauts and their historic moon landing. It was written by former Kingston Trio member John Stewart, the single gave Reg Lindsay his first big hit on the 1971 pop charts. Click here to download a sample of the Armstrong lyrics.


The Reg Lindsay office is also working on putting a quarterly newsletter out with lots of information on Reg's career, his achievements, and what we are doing with Reg's music and television show days.
You to can become a member of "Team Reg" for $20. This will also include a booklet and a button delivered.

No Stone Unturned
Cover Art

Track Name
01 Country All The WaY
02 A Little Bit Of Loving
03 Could I Have This Dance
04 No Slowin' Down
05 Before The Dawn
06 Armstrong
07 Reuben James
08 Forget The Gate
09 Hanging On
10 Empty Arms Hotel
11 Behind Closed Doors
12 July, You're A Woman
13 Lucille
14 Six Days On The Road
15 Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
16 Coward Of The County
17 Life Out On The Road
18 Simple Song

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Secrets Of Life
Cover Art
Track Name
01 Armstrong  
02 You're The One  
03 Another Honky Tonk Night  
04 Simple Song  
05 Country Joe & Mickey Finn  
06 Love Catch Fire  
07 No Slowin' Down  
08 Comin' Down Is Easy  
09 He's Grown Old Playin' Cowboy  
10 Love Goes To Hell When It Dies  
11 Life Out On The Road  
12 Without Love  
13 A Little Bit Of Lovin'  
14 Empty Arms Hotel  
15 It Took Some Kind Of Woman  
16 You Can Be Replaced  
17 Bronco  
18 The Diplomat  
01 Takin' A Chance  
02 Don't act the big star with me  
03 July, You're A Woman  
04 Play Me A Song I Can Cry To  
05 Queen Of The Starlight Ballroom  
06 Fletcher's Place  
07 Wild And Woolly Ways  
08 Behind Closed Doors  
09 Country All The Way  
10 He Hardly Ever Smiled  
11 Looking At A Loser  
12 Don't Act The Big Star With Me  
13 It Ain't Gold  
14 Love's All This Cowboy Can Give  
15 Murrumbidgee Man  
16 I Believe In You  
17 Today's Like Yesterday  
18 One Day At A Time  

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20 Golden Country Greats
Cover Art
Track Name
01 Armstrong  
02 Give Me Liberty  
03 Hello, I love you  
04 July you're a Woman  
05 Queen of the Starlight Ballroom  
06 Too many memories  
07 Mule Skinner blues  
08 Love can  
09 Fine as Wine  
10 When my Truckin' days are gone  
11 Takin' a chance  
12 Your love keeps me going  
13 Close the door lightly when you go  
14 Ain't gonna let you sock it to me  
15 You've got everything you want  
16 A dollar an hour  
17 There you go (runnin' down my cheek again)  
18 King of the road  
19 It takes a drinking man  
20 She's my rock  

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Ten Ten Two And A Quarter
Cover Art

Track Name
01 Little Bit of Loving
02 Empty Arms Hotel
03 It Was You
04 It Took Some Kind of Woman
05 You Can Be Replaced
06 Wild & Woolly Ways
07 Bronco
08 The Diplomat
09 If It's So Easy
10 Love Catch Fire
11 Love Goes To Hell When It Dies
12 He's Grown Old Playin' Cowboy

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No Slowin' Down
Cover Art

Track Name
01 Murrumdidgee
02 Country Joe And Mickey Finn
03 Simple Song
04 Love Catch Fire
05 Blue Mountain Home
07 Comin' Down Easy
01 He's Grown Old Playin' Cowboy
02 Love Goes To Hell
03 Fletcher's Place
04 Life Out On The Road
05 Without Love
06 You're The One
07 Looking At A Loser
08 Wild & Wooly Ways

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40th Anniversary Album
Cover Art

Track Name
01 Behind Closed Doors
02 Could I Have This Dance
03 Armstrong
04 Things Have Been Coming Good
05 Today I Started Loving You Again
06 Empty Arms Hotel
07 Country All The Way
08 Suvla Bay
09 Misty
10 (Hey, Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
11 Room Full of Roses
12 July You're a Woman
13 Today's Like Yesterday
14 Silence On The Line
15 One Day at a Time
16 Losin' My Blues Tonight
17 That's The Kind of Life I Live
18 The Last Thing at Night
19 Campfire of Dreams
20 Freight Train Yodel

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The Rodeo Years
Cover Art

Track Name
01 Out On the Lone Prairie
02 From Forty To Sixty Five
03 Driftwood On The River
04 Hearts And Flowers - with Heather McKean
05 I'm Nobody's Child
06 Jimmie The Kid
07 Mysteries Of Life
08 Open Up Your Heart
09 My Baby Doll
10 When The Wagon Was New - with Heather McKean
11 The Caribbean
12 The "57" That Rolls To My Hometown
13 The Mansion On The Hill
14 Put Your Little Head On Daddy's Shoulder
15 Kaw-Liga
16 I'll Keep On Loving You
17 Bushland Sweetheart
18 Blue Velvet Band
19 Country Mile
20 Suvla Bay

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Down By The Old Slip-Rail
Cover Art

Track Name
01 Country Hour Intro *
02 Then I'll Keep On Loving You
03 Streamlined Yodel Song *
04 My Lasso Is Headed Straight For You *
05 Unfaithful One
06 I'm a Ladies Man
07 The Tennessee Local *
08 Down By The Old Slip Rail
09 China Doll
10 Detour*
11 Till The End Of The World
12 He's Movin On
13 California Blues *
14 Good Old Droving Days *
15 Missouri Joe *
16 Sulva Bay
17 Midnight Train
18 My Old Canadian Home *
19 Way Out There
20 Swiss Lullaby
21 When My Blue Moon Turns Gold Again *
22 My Little Lady *
23 I'm Wastin' My Tears On You *
24 Ridin' Down The Canyon *
25 I Won't Be Home No More *
26 Baby We're Really In Love*
27 Crazy Heart *
28 Blue Moon Of Kentucky *
29 My Baby Doll *
30 Patent Leather Boots *
31 Kaw-Liga
32 Lovesick Blues
33 Coo-ee*
* Denotes a track not preformed by Reg Lindsay

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Reasons To Rise
Cover Art

Track Name
01 Forget The Gate
02 The Fire's Still Burning
03 You Took My Saddle
04 It Aint All Gold
05 Hangin' On
06 Love's All This Cowboy Can Give
07 Someone Else's Arms
01 He's Almost Home
02 Don't Act The Bi Star With Me
03 Sign Of The Times
04 You Are My Country
05 There Isn't One!
06 We Don't Live In Happy Valley
07 He Hardly Ever Smiles
08 Off The Cuff

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